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In light of the tremendous potential presented by Chilean sixth’s region climate conditions, in 2010 a group of chilean investors decided to create one of the biggest agricultural project of the last years in Chile.

To achieve that, the five partners acquired more than 3.400 hectares to the north of Litueche, together with 8.000 liters per second of water rights in Rapel river.

Rapel river rises in Rapel’s hydroelectrical power station, travelling 27 kms to its mouth into the sea.

Today, with modern irrigation techniques and cultivation methods, UCUQUER is ready to be one of the best players in Latin American agricultural industry.


  • 150 km Southwest of Santiago
  • 20 km away from Pacific Ocean
  • 60 km from San Antonio’s port, the biggest port in Chile in terms of TEU traffic


  • Excellent climate conditions for growing fruits.
  • Fall/Winter: Low temperatures but no frosts.
  • Spring/Summer: Optimal thermal conditions for fruit setting.
  • Water rights from Rapel river.

  • Very low risk of water supply break.

  • Demineralized water, thus boosting fertility.

  • High solar radiation area, which UCUQUER captures with a 400 kW photovoltaic plant.

  • Optimal wind conditions for wind farms.

  • Excellent conditions for good agricultural practices and sustainable activities.

Business Activities

  • 350 ha of vineyards.

  • 10 different wine grapes varieties, with a special focus on Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Wide range of customers, those belonging to most of the leading wineries in Chile.

  • 700 ha and 100 ha projected of Hass avocados and W-Murcott tangerines.

  • Excellent thermal conditions throughout the year.

  • The absence of frosts favors the production of these fruits.

  • Other businesses development.

  • Annual crops: 300 ha of wheat and 100 ha of corn.

  • Livestock: 550 sheep and 100 head of cattle.

  • A photovoltaic plant and a wind farm are currently being studied.


In order to maintain a sustainable agricultural activity over time, both with the environment, water resources, relationship with the communities and with our collaborators, we have obtained several international certifications that guarantee our agricultural practices. These practices allow us to get with our products to the most demanding markets worldwide.

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